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This project is a Mind Assist HeliPlane. 


  • Magnetic Servo Split Couplers.
    • Saves the gearing within the servos.
  • The ability to print extra pieces to bring to the field, and easily swap out any broken ones.
  • Experimenting with the NeuroSky MindWave EEG reader.
  • A platform for developing a Racing RC HeliPlane.

     HeliPlane setup-
The Arduino board on Heliplane serves multiple functions. Transition signal from receiver through Arduino will rotate the rotors from 0 to 90 degrees. While the transition signal is between 0 to 70 degrees, the Arduino will feed signal to motors from heli board(KK2mini). If the transition signal is between 70 to 90 degrees, the Arduino will switch to a single throttle signal for plane mode. Also if the signal is between 70 to 90 degrees, the arduino will mix the two front motor signals from the heli board with the transition signal on the two front servos. This will cause the to front servos to vector for steering,(there are no control surfaces on plane).

    Step by step detailed build instructions below. Adding more soon with the controller build next. I kept the videos under 10 minutes so it's easy to come back to where you left off. Listed next to videos are links for parts in each build.

All pieces are always free to download and print out. 

Download Arduino environment here

Download Arduino environment here

Arduino HeliPlane code

 Click on the wire harness schematic below to use with step four.

Continuing to make build videos for HeliPlane, an will be posting soon. 

Last update:


Now, go ahead and start on the transmitter. When it's complete you can tune the electronics in the heliplane.

Transmitter Build is now complete, 3/10/2016

Step 5 video update, 3/27/2016

Step 6 uploaded, 3/28/2016




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