F2 Copter


 There is no need for support while printing. Lengths of pieces are less that 4" or 100mm so they'll fit on any printer.

  Pieces are free to print out and copter can carry a GoPro camera. Perfect for learning, print out extra pieces to bring. Pieces are versatile to build other projects such as a quad copter.

If you already own a 3D printer, the pieces are free to print out.

UMC in place

Split from impact

Pieces are found here on the Thingiverse Page..


After printing the pieces for free from Thingiverse, or purchasing through Shapeway.

Step 1

  • Cut the spares to around 9"(25cm).
  • Sandwich them with two #1 body pieces.
  • The side with the two zip tie heads will be the bottom.

1. Body x 2

Large zip ties             

1/2" Spruce capstrips

Step 2

  • Place forward canopy mount within circular groove on piece 2.


2. First Layer

Canopy Wire(0.062)

How to make the Nose Canopy Mount

(all "How To" instructions will open in new tab)

Step 3

  • Place the three incerts from Piece two into the holes on the top piece 1.
  • Flip over so the head of the zip ties are on the bottom side.

Step 4

  • Make right side up.
  • Cap pieces 5 and 6 around 11 at the end of the tail.
  • Bolt, washer and nut from Dubro kit, through 5 and 6 top hole.

5. Pin Mount A 

6. Pin Mount B 

11. Tail Pin Left

  • Find servo center, appropriate place UMC so armature will line up with arm of 11.
  • Lightly snug down new servo bolt through UMC, and into servo threads.
  • Clasp servo onto wood spare with two number 4's, then line up the two armatures.

4. Servo Mount

7. MagSplit A

8. MagSplit B

  • Adjust the servo links to about the right length for the two arms to be parallel. 
  • 6" servo extension wire between servo and the controller board.

    Schematic Page

  • It's easier to flow the wires to the left along receiver plug side.

  • Bolt goes straight into the mount on the motor, with the washer on the bottom.


10. Motor Mount x 6

Step 10

  • Cut four 1/4" wooden dowls to 3 1/4"inch or 80mm.
  • The dowls of the landing gear press up into motor mounts, and rest against the aluminum mounts.


9. Foot x 2


Step 11

  • One set of power for each of the front arms.
  • Used two sets for the tail.

Step 12

  • Give the pivoting motor a bit of slack before tightening zip ties.

Step 13

  • Face mounts forward as clipping on to the back of body.
  • Place GoPro clip down on the retaining walls. Don't push clip through the front!
  • Place sticky velcro strip along bottom of battery and on top of piece 2.
  • Battery in place, now strap around battery, piece 2 and GoPro clip.


  • Hook velcro in side the nose onto forward canopy mount.
  • finish slipping canopy sides back over wires and stick rear canopy mount wires through grommets.

Step 17

Wire Placement, Yellow and White inward on board.

  • Before the props go on, make sure the motor are spinning in the correct direction
  • If motor is spinnig wrong way, switch only the RED and YELLOW wires.

Drill hole in side of canopy for wire grommet.


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