F2R Copter

Mimicking the multicopter racers coming out. The F2R has a flat bottom, and is lighter than the Filament2. F2R uses 90% of the Filament2 parts, download the two new parts  on Thingiverse icon.

Aluminum tubes come in a few different sizes from Hobbyking.  These are 400mm(about 1.25'). Extension wires come in two basic lengths, 200mm and 300mm. Here I just used a combination of the two length but, probably double up on 300mm length in case you want to use longer arms.

Step 1

Assembly of front arms

  • Put together at least 500mm length of motor extension wire.


10. Motor Mounts x2

  • Build two of these assemblies as front arms.

Step 2

Assembly of rear boom

  • Put together at least 500mm length of motor extension wire.
  • 18" extension servo wire to be added on.


Step 3

  • Possition wire to about these lengths, out of the end of tubes.


1. Body

Step 4

  • Rear boom has an extra wire so, it is feed into the body piece first.

Step 5

  • Feed front two arm wires through body piece and press into place.


1. Body

Step 6

  • Press bottom half of body together with top.
  • Two 1.25" bolts are used to better secure aluminum tubes for tighter fit.
  • washers go under the head of bolt and locking nuts underneath.

Step 7


How To Assemble Tail Pin Coupler

(all "How To" instructions will open in new tab)

Step 8

  • First Layer has three tabs on bottom that will keep it in position on the top of Body.


2. First Layer

  • Two zip ties to secure First Layer and one more through the boom side of Body.
  • When hooking up wires to motor, only need to make sure the black(common) is correct. Black to black wire, the red and yellow can be switched and only reverses the motor direction.



10. Motor Mounts X 2


How to Assemble Component Mount

Step 10


  • Hooking up the left(motor 1) and right(motor 2) first to Component Mount.



Step 11

  • Hook up wires from boom(motor 3) and shape the wires off to the side with zip ties.

Step 12

  • Zip tie through the bottom of First Layer and around Component Mount.

Step 13

  • Tie wires up using smaller zip ties.  
  • Keep them against the mount by zipping them to larger mount ties.
  • The power harness comes with four lead sets for ESCs and a small power plug for FPV. 
  • All the reds together and blacks together on ESCs to harness.
  • Zipping the wires together can be a bit of an art, here's pictures to get an idea how.

Step 16

  • Short dowls so the copter sit flat, the dowls also give strength to the motor mounts.

9. Foot X 2

Step 17

  • A strip of velcro on top of First Layer to help secure battery


Step 19

  • Velcro on bottom side of battery with battery strap around Body and battery.

Step 20

  • Power on and test motor direction BEFORE propellers.




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